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I get weekly emails from a man named Paul.  Paul started The Ripples Project many years back, and somehow, through some college convention I went to once when I was a Freshman, I ended up on his mailing list.  I'm probably on way too many newsletter lists to count, and I know that because of this overstimulation, I ignore many of the emails from companies that email me letting me know I have a once-in-a lifetime discount on this one item I don't need.


Anyway....Among all of the emails I get telling me to shop now and save for whatever long weekend holiday is coming up, there is one email that I look forward to every week. One that I always open, read, and let sink into a moment of my day. This is Paul's email at www.theripplesproject.org.  It's such a simple email with 2 quotes on whatever the topic is of the week. But the strangest thing is that it usually lines up with exactly what is going on in my life, and helps me navigate whatever I'm feeling at the moment.  And sometimes, we need someone to tell us (or in this case, write to us) what we already know deep down.  This week, it was a simple truth that I think a lot of times we pretend we are strangers to; something that we stuff into the sock drawer and forget about.


"You are enough.  You are so enough. It's unbelievable how enough you are."

- Sierra Bogges


This simple quote makes me feel a little more brave; a little more at peace with myself.  It makes me know that despite feeling overwhelmed with having to do 10 million things in one day, if I do 9.99 million things it's going to be ok.  And it makes me imagine those nonbelievers, haters, and doubters who tell you you can't, all look foolish running off stage in nothing but their underwear.  


So I hope that today you know that you are enough.  You are so enough. Here's a song to prove it:)




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